When thinking about 80’s style, the word garish indeed sums it up. It was a year of enormous hair, cushioned shoulders, eye-straining colors, and patterns. Fashion in the 1980s was highly about materialistic values and showing off wealth. Having the ideal clothes meant investing extra money to purchase designer labels and sporting activities items with a brand logo design.

Although teenagers played a part, for the first time, the style had not been dictated by young people only. Child boomers such as Tommy Hilfiger were coming to be fully grown and much more wealthy, and they firmly grew their feet among the upmarket fashion influencers.

The 1980s triggered even more fashion idols than in any previous years. It’s tough to picture now. However, in the 80s, there were no cellular phone or web. TV used only a few networks, so viewing a motion picture was a luxury. After television, magazines, and even advertising was the average person’s leading resource of fashion info. Minimal exposure gave a pick group of celebs, bands, and eighties clothing brands the opening to put in a significant impact on 80’s fashion trends.

What shoes were used in the 80s?

The 80s trendiest footwear consisted of Jordans, also known as color-block tennis shoes, Doc Martens (chunky boots), Vans slip-on, Adidas Campus, medium heeled pumps, Mary-Janes, Jellies, and also Moccasins.

What clothes were used in the 80s?

One of the most preferred clothing used in the 80s consisted of Oxford t-shirts for males and polo shirts and turtlenecks, pants usually in khaki, suspenders, striped linen matches, corduroy, etc. For females, the most popular fashions consisted of high-waisted pants (mother jeans), leg warmers, ripped denim, spandex, and Lycra, statement shoulder company fits (typically with skirts), punk natural leather products, and leotards.

What accessories were preferred in the 80s?

The trendiest products included scrunchies, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, plastic bangles, big fashionable jewelry in neon shades, mesh accents, fanny packs, and pearl lockets.

The Greatest Style Influencers of the 1980s

Style Designers and Clothing Brands of the 80s
There were hundreds of designers and apparel brand names in the 80s, yet some will continuously stand apart for their ad campaign or merely since their clothes are the epitome of 80s style.

Fitness brands:

Fitness evolved into a craze in the 80s, and sports apparel from these companies like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok was so prominent that it ended up being streetwear.


Every kid who wasn’t a total loser had a few of these affordable plastic watches made with intense shades and patterns. Having several was not nearly enough. Using everything you have at once was trendy for some reason.

Guess, Wrangler, Levis, Jordache, and a whole bunch of jeans brands:

Whether your style was mommy jeans, skinny, or acid-washed and also ripped, everybody had a favored set of jeans in the 80s.


Famous for their Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses, a humongous pair of sunglasses was hip-fashion in the 80s.

Triple Fat Goose:

Ski-outfits were prominent with nouveau riche in the 80s. Their puffy, down-filled faux leather jackets inspired designers like Ralph Lauren to develop parkas in other fabrics.

Converse, Puma, LA Gear shoes:

Stars like Michael Jackson and famous professional athlete Joe Montana helped make sneakers and high-tops a staple in the 80s.

Surf-wear designers like Maui & Sons and Gotcha:

These brands advertised a carefree lifestyle. Because of their fun-loving online reputation, the clothing ended up being streetwear.


Coca-Cola teamed up with Jordache and made branded clothing a significant hit in the 80s.


Benetton was one of the major brands to step and highlighted social issues, ‘United Colors of Benetton’ was known for the bold colored outfits worn by diverse people in their 80s advertisements.