Oh, your fiber internet took a long time to launch, did it? Boo! Try living your life without the internet at all. You spoiled little brats.

Try living at a time when it was only the nouveau riche who didn’t mind looking like prats had mobile phones–they are humongous! But they are mobile phones nonetheless.

Imagine living in a time when Apple wasn’t something you spent your entire allowance on, but something you left on your seat at school.

Imagine growing up in the 80s. Here are some things that children today won’t be able to handle.


Thirty years ago, when you needed to get somewhere, you had to walk. Without Uber, most people who grew up in the 80s didn’t enter a car until they purchased one.

The importance of being punctual

Maybe the most unusual thing about the 80s was its strict adherence to the principle of time. If you wanted to hang out with your mates at the arcade on Friday at 7 pm, you were pushed into meeting at precisely that time. Everyone just showed up on time back then. It indeed was mind-blowing.

The lack of mobile phones

Don’t get me wrong; there was text messaging in the 80s. This was executed by walking over to your friend’s home, knocking on the door, and asking if they can come out to play. Your good friend’s mommy might ensure they didn’t see the ‘text,’ however, by responding with: ‘No, he’s in the middle of doing his assignment.’.

Asking someone out

*home phone ringing* Please don’t let it be her daddy that grabs the phone… Not her brother as well, please…

Flammable garments

In the 80s, it’s all about being tough. So when you got back from school, your parents would place you in something called a ‘shell suit,’ a flashy costume that taught you not to be around matches.

Patrick Swayze

Every kid wanted to be him in Road House. Every girl wanted a boy like him in Dirty Dancing. In the end, nobody obtained what they desired. It was a challenging decade.


As soon as Wogan stopped airing, that was it. You were directed up the bed.As soon as Wogan stopped airing, that was it. You were directed up the bed.


In the 80s, if you couldn’t get the right change, you were screwed. Whoever in the arcade has the roll of 10p pieces was king.

The risk of nuclear war

This one was a minor. We were more concerned about adequately taping Thriller from vinyl on to cassette. It’s simply not possible to listen on Jacko on vinyl because the damned thing keeps skipping since you were doing so much leaping around. The end of the world could wait.

Video Games I

Kids today could hook up their console or fire up their iPad, and away they go. In the 80s, you needed to be in line at your local arcade, which was generally populated with the kind of failures and unfavorable circumstances you could only fantasize about coming to be. It was considered brave to put 10p down close to the joystick while the bigger kid waits, in that Classic Play Pole Position, to indicate you were next when his time is over.

Video Games II

Maybe you are fortunate to have a gaming console at home; it still wasn’t precisely gaming paradise. Cassettes are used to listen to just songs, that’s a rule. Enchanting words such as ‘Amstrad,’ ‘Commodore,’ ‘Range’ and ‘Atari’ were sprayed by the much more blessed kids in the playground.


Like everything else in the 1980s, toys were hard. Those Lego castles cannot construct themselves, and also those Rubik’s Cubes didn’t resolve themselves. Your big brother did it.

The information superhighway

Fortunately, the web did exist in the 80s. And it was better at that time since there were two highly-sophisticated versions of it: Ceefax and Teletext.

Making pals before social networks

Without Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your kids use now allowing you to ‘follow’ people, you showed your need to be part of a clique in this way: punching them on the arm.


The choice was only between Angel Delight and Viennetta. Nothing else. You could attempt blending vanilla ice-cream with Skittles’ packet, yet it never tasted as you imagined it to be.


Today, kids have Peppa Pig and a lot of animated movies. Back in the 80s, we had an individual with his finger inside a paper mouse. However, we did not care: Fingermouse is merely divine.

Fingermouse, a popular show in the 1980s

Isn’t this just the best show ever?

You cannot have everything

Kids obtain whatever they want nowadays. Thirty years back, it wasn’t possible. Take, for example, Mr. Frosty.

Despite how much you wanted one, you can never get your hands on a Mr. Frosty snow cone making maker. There were vague rumors of kids that did have one, yet they asserted Mr. Frosty was way near as good as he looked the Argos catalog so that they couldn’t be telling the truth.