These are the rarest (and most expensive) Star Wars toys from a few hundred to over a hundred thousand.

Offered how preferred Star Wars is to generations of fans, it will come as not a surprise that the toys hold greater than emotional value. Over forty years of plastic produces a supply instead, yet not all of it is created equal. Some of the most expensive playthings ever before are some of the most cherished Star Wars personalities.

But which toys are the rarest and also most costly of all? Below are the ten rarest Star Battles playthings and also how much they cost (as of today!). Credit score on photos to the impressive archive at Rebelscum, Activity Number Source, as well as the Star Wars Collectors Archive!

10.Blue Snaggletooth – $500.

Blue Snaggletooth is an early and traditional instance of what makes Star Wars playthings so unusual and unique. Initially included solely with a Cantina Adventure Playset that children might access Sears, he was created as a highly unusual using a blue one-piece suit. Kenner realized Snaggletooth was tiny and red, as well as when he showed up on a solitary card in 1979; heaven Snaggletooth was changed out of presence. Consequently, he’s highly searched for, commanding over $500 in his mint plastic baggie.

9.Yakface – $4000.

Yakface was meant to be used on a card in the USA, yet never was. In 1985, the line wound down with an absence of interest from youngsters way extra into G.I. Joe and Transformers. Yakface never made it to racks, except overseas. For that reason, this figure is very searched for by fans worldwide, regulating approximately $4000. If he gets on the card, specifically with the collector’s coin included with the Power of the Force line after that, Yakface will undoubtedly run you much more. A lot more.

8.Unique Activity Number Establishes – $10,000.

At an early stage in the Kenner line, the business offered the generally single-carded figures in unique gift collections focused on moms and dads for vacations and birthday celebrations, and so on. These didn’t see near the circulation of the standard line, and their scarcity and worth are huge. Kenner generated several sets for both Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, in different mixes that typically oriented around a common motif (good guys, bad guys, unusual individuals). Private sets still in the package can regulate over $10,000 each.

7.FX-7 (Palitoy Tri-Logo) – $11,000+.

However, a smaller-sized, much less fascinating part of the Star Wars gathering world is international variations. While Kenner dispersed Star Wars toys in the USA and Canada, Palitoy took care of events in Europe. The figures remained pretty much the same. However, the cards differed significantly sometimes and also created an uncommon rate of interest. FX-7 is just one of those.

A typical number whose American card is not too expensive, his Tri-Logo Palitoy variation – various mainly because the Kenner one declares him FX-7 (Medical Android) and also the Palitoy one simply FX-7 – can vary as much as over $11,000.

6.Dual Telescoping Luke Skywalker – $25,000+.

Most one of the most costly Star Wars playthings are items of production anomalies or extreme scarcity. Luke Skywalker is among the former. When he first delivered in the Early Bird kit, one of the most generated numbers in the line indicated to tide nervous fans over, he came with a lightsaber that comes out of his arm to recreate the light-up impact. The first saber telescoped two times, but the building and construction were made complex, and also Kenner feared it being lost, so it was decreased to simply as soon as. Some versions of this number delivered on solitary cards, and they add to $25,000.

5.Vinyl Cape Jawa $28,000+.

Few figures hold more mythical conditions amongst Star Wars collection agencies than the plastic cape Jawa. Yet there are much more pricey ones, which is lucky for individuals who still harbor dreams of acquiring this little individual. When the Jawa debuted in 1978, he included a vinyl plastic cape like the various other figures in the line. Kenner saw it and assumed it made the figure appear as well cheap for his (gasp!) two bucks and change asking cost. So they promptly swapped out the plastic cape for a cloth one, early enough in the run that several never realized the vinyl variation existed. A carded one costs almost $30,000.

4.Vlix – $45,000+.

Numerous collectors only found about Vlix as they went back to finish their collections as grownups. But in truth, they didn’t miss him – he was never readily available at the very least, not outside of Brazil. Vlix was intended to be a component of the 2nd wave of figures committed to the Droids animated series, but the line was demolished even before it debuted. Despite this, Vlix was produced by Brazilian representative Glassite, making him one of the rarest and also most searched for playthings no one has ever heard of. A carded Glassite Vlix runs, costing about $45,000.

3.Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker – $64,000+.

Like Luke Skywalker, the preliminary versions of Darth Vader came with the dual telescoping lightsaber attribute. Unlike Luke, none of these made it to market. The change was made before manufacturing on the single-carded figures indeed increase, making this guy beyond pricey.

Examples of this figure are beyond unusual as well as require top-level authentication as phonies. However, it has come to be a factor in the pastime. A carded version of a double telescoping Luke would bring $64,000.

2.Double Telescoping Obi-Wan $76,000+.

As Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader before him, the double telescoping variant of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi is so uncommon he is the stuff of legends. It’s challenging to establish that is, in fact, rarer – Vader or Obi-Wan – however, a handy overview is that a carded example of Obi-Wan sold at public auction in 2018 cost over $76,000. Just a few instances are thought to exist still. Ought to an individual determine to invest in one, the short size of the thin section of the saber – that needle-like little bit sticking out – is a good tip that the figure is the second telescoping version.

1.Rocket Shooting Boba Fett – $150,000.

Almost everyone claims they had one, and also no person did. Kenner planned for Boba Fett to include a rocket-firing knapsack when he sent by mail bent on youngsters in a little white cardboard box, however after an unfortunate crash including one more plaything business, they deserted the suggestion. Still, around two lots or so models in numerous production phases – some repainted, some cast in blue plastic – endure. These are arguably the most expensive Star Wars toys of them all. A current auction saw one go with almost $150,000.