AlleyCat Movie Rview. This is not a horror movie. But you know that I like anything 80s here in the blog! I was happy to dip my toes into this from time to time around these parts.

I dislike to include in the divisiveness plaguing us today, but let us be genuine– there are just two types of individuals worldwide. Some will come down with the vapors’ situation after browsing AlleyCat movie’s IMDb story keyword phrases, and some will certainly not. I am too in the former camp, needing to take to my fainting sofa after laying my eyes on the litany of keyword gems, such as:

” stomp on the groin.”
” can of beer.”
” rolling down a hillside.”
” karate.”
” briefs.”
” playing valleyball” [sic]” chain used as a tool.”

And, perhaps the most intriguing/enticing of all:

” woman infected with syphilis.”

The Plot

We understand that our cool heroine, Billie (Karin Mani), is A) excellent as well as B) our heroine the moment she drives into the framework, and we see that she has an individualized license plate analysis, as you may think BILLIE. She lives with her grandparents and is of indeterminate age: she has that vehicle and a license plate, but she also dresses like an extra-large kindergartner. She has a type of bootleg Kate Jackson of television’s CHARLIE’S ANGELS appearance as well as ambiance, yet we know little about her past the reality that she’s training to be a MARTIAL ARTS SPECIALIST. In brief, Billie is best.

She quits some hooligans from jacking her tires one evening, starting a cycle of oneupmanship revenge-ending between her and local gang leader “Scarface” Krug. Did you leave my troublemakers from jacking your tires? I’ll stab your grandmother! Did you stab my grandmother? I’ll quit your hooligans from raping a woman in the park! Did you leave my punks from raping a lady in the garden? I’ll keep her from affirming! And so on and so on turns the wheel of life.

Billie Is Cool

Yes, Billie quits a rapist in the park. She does this virtually every night as the neighborhood park teems with rapists. Come nightfall, Billie– unafraid– puts on a matching jogging suit (often velour, sometimes satin), heads to the park, utilizes the power of martial arts to prevent the ne’er- do-wells, and also advises them that attacking ladies in gardens is “not great.” It seems every local man is a rapist, a criminal, or corrupt authorities, so Billie has many jobs to do.

Envisioned: Billie revealing you what occurs when you’re not good.

In a situation you have not figured out by now, the Alleycat Movie is pure, very early 80s exploitation, fueled by nakedness, physical violence, vigilantism, and karate chops. It includes every hallmark of the subgenre, both big and little; Steel trash bin obtain overturned during battles, males put on shirts with the sleeves duped, and predacious jail lesbians prowl in showers, foulmouthed jailhouse background prostitutes loudly protest their virtue, and everything ends on a freeze-frame. Personalities with names like “Troublemaker Challenging 1,” “Hooker,” “Store Owner,” and also “Thug Tough 2” inhabit the Los Angeles streets as well as utter dialogue of the “Just drive, asshole!” as well as “Joke’s on you, I have the Clap!”.

The Verdict

Despite its shabby components, all at once, the AlleyCat movie is relatively tame. There’s massive nakedness, sure, but sex is all but absent. Rape is an everyday event in the film. However, it’s usually indicated as opposed to revealed, as well as it’s never specific. The film never attempts to climb above its station, which’s an advantage … it moves along at a sound clip, cycling in between battle scenes, “attractive” scenes, as well as dialogue scenes that mainly entail Billie swearing vengeance on a person or other. As Billie, Karin Mani is charismatic, perhaps despite herself. She delicately drifts via her karate moments, a minimum of up until the camera angle modifications, her stunt double takes over, as well as she blurts a passionate “Hiii-YA!” in ADR. She frowns her means via a lot of the proceedings, yet who can condemn her when she’s challenged with rapists and also PUNK TOUGHs at every turn? Billie is the “no justice, no tranquility” girl we need, as well as she does it done in a coordinating running suit. Pass me the scenting salts!