Those of us that endured ’80s fashion style might not have wanted it getting near us again, but some feel that the years’ most iconic styles are worthy of being seen as trends in 2020. We’re speaking the bold style seen in power suits and shoulder pads, the bright patterns and shades on slouchy jackets, and athletic wear.

While fads come and go, you can practically wager that the style of years passed will ultimately appear on the rack once again—although it’s now just a bit different than it was in the past.

So if you have not Marie Kondo’ed your closet yet, this might be the perfect time to do so! Learn whether the clothes you (or your mama) couldn’t get rid of can now be upcycled and reused to get that vintage look everybody loves today!

Oversized blazers

We are currently seeing the return of oversized blazers and the shoulder pads—but not that boxed look made famous Joan Collins and Linda Evans on Dynasty. What’s popular now is a gentler pad that rests on the shoulders. Black, camel, taupe, and other earthy colors are also preferred because they are versatile.

The timeless look nicely pairs with the mood of the moment. “If Pantone’s Color of the Year ‘Classic Blue’ tells us anything, it’s the desire for stability,” said designer Elle AyoubZadeh.” Patterns and designs are also having a come back: retro prints are in and won’t be going out of style soon!

Polka Dots

If you’re tired of solid and bold colors, this might be the to whip out that polka dot classic dress that you’ve been dying to wear. Fashion experts called polka dots a straightforward way to segue right into this 80s fashion style, specifically if the attire includes details like a lower midsection, a square neckline, or ruching.

Some still blessed polka dots their votes, claiming it’s fashionable to balance out the whimsy characteristic of polka dots by pairing it with bold, solid colors. If you’re feeling brave, you might also experiment with adding stripes or a zebra print—which we will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd (if that’s what you’re aiming to do, that is).

80s Fashion: The leggings

Stirrup leggings were very much a staple of the 1980s. While those specific designs are not around any longer, workout outfits such as tights and biker shorts made a comeback in the 2020s style landscape. It’s fascinating how fashion circles back now and again!

“Women are starting to focus on convenience,” Maram Aboul Enein, a Designer for Maram Paris, tells. “Our way of life has become so busy. It’s now fashionable to put on a pair of workout tights and tennis shoes with a tailored blazer and a designer bag. 2020 even went further in elevating athletic or sports fashion. It also added the touch of androgynous style suits to further adapt to the contemporary women’s sensibilities and way of life.

What are other ’80s fashion items that you think made a come back this year? What are the ones you wish to go to or come back in the coming year? Tell us in the comments!