This blog post looks at the Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Laser Pistol. The gun was only presented for the Return of the Jedi.

Kenner launched the other blaster tools, the Han Solo Laser Handgun and Digital Laser Rifle for all three movies.

Kenner created the Return of the Jedi Laser Handgun in 1984, a “function play” version of the Biker Scout gun utilized in the movie.

I always thought it was among the most effective child-sized accessories produced by Kenner. However, it was not also popular at the time. This was possible because it was a “baddies” gun, and youngsters favored to be the on the silver lining during play.

The gun was a practical effort to recreate the original prop faithfully and has obtained a coolness variable gradually.

It was marketed in the Kenner 1984 trade Toy Fair brochure in a dual web page spread. It’s not that simple to detect, yet the handgun’s huge photo displayed is a prototype variation. The coloring is different from the manufacturing design. If you look to the Star Wars sticker’s right, only below, you can see a screw that was not there in the production version.

The Laser Gun was offered by the Sears chain store in 1984. All the ‘very first’ launched 1984 Return Of The Jedi automobiles and Playsets were meant to be re-released in the POTF line of toys, but none were.

However, the Handgun was intended to be identical to the 1984 variation (regarding I recognize!) with the Celebrity Wars ‘POTF’ logo.

The Bicycle Rider Scout Handgun in POTF branding likewise made it right into among the three Celebrity Wars POTF Planetary Maps. These maps were in-package directories included with the very last vehicles Kenner generated in the Celebrity Wars line. Toys such as the POTF Ewok Battle Wagon and the Droids collection A-Wing Fighter had this map.

The Cyclist Scout Handgun was just promoted in the ‘Death Star’ Global Map. All the toys and the figures were meant to be created under the brand-new POTF line or Droids collection line. Some made it. Some did not!

Aside from the Kenner USA release, the Laser Handgun was additionally created by Lili Ledy in Mexico.

The handgun was close in production to the Kenner variation, yet there were distinctions. The Star Wars sticker label remained in Spanish Text. You can also see using slotted screws on the pistol body, whereas they were always Philips head screws on the Kenner variation. Truthfully, I assume the Lili Ledy version had an arbitrary use screw kind, whereas the Kenner were all Philips types.

The only other International variation was that of Clipper in the Netherlands.

The Laser Handgun was a part of an individual Clipper mail away in the Return Of The Jedi promo. The promo entailed mailing back to Clipper a certain number of “names” cut out from the carded numbers. This is in return for a specific Star Wars ROTJ promoted plaything or device.

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